Add Crazy Rabbit on Blogger Post

Just Follow this steps to add Crazy Rabbit feature to your blog.

Go to layout section of your blog , then go to Edit HTML section . Search for this following code </head> and add this Javascript before </head> .
1 ;hantuk 2 ;nanggis 3 ;muzik 4 ;pening 5 ;horei 6 ;hebat 7 ;yeye 8 ;gomol 9 ;tido 10 ;sayang 11 ;kedekut 12 ;hai 13 ;jahat 14 ;boring 15 ;penat 16 ;lala 17 ;yoyo 18 ;yoga 19 ;ganas 20 ;gosip 21 ;bye 22 ;hik 23 ;mamai
<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>

whenever you write blog posts just add this Crazy Rabbit codes.
1;hantuk 2;nanggis 3;muzik 4;pening 5;horei 6;hebat 7;yeye 8;gomol 9;tido 10;sayang 11;kedekut 12;hai 13;jahat 14;boring 15;penat 16;lala 17;yoyo 18;yoga 19;ganas 20;gosip 21;bye 22;hik 23;mamai


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